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Hydration Hack For Peak Performance!

Revolutionary new hydration capsule to optimize your performance.

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The New Hydration Strategy

Endurolete is a breakthrough discovery from Japanese scientists that maximizes hydration by harnessing the power of key actives found in wood creosote. This revolutionary hydration capsule coats the intestine and prevents moisture from escaping during digestion, thus preventing dehydration.

No More Dehydration

Say goodbye to hydration multipliers and sugar filled sports drinks! Endurolete is a revolutionary hydration capsule made with natural ingredients, and is designed for elite athletes who need a new hydration strategy.

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Designed For Elite Athletes.

With Endurolete, hikers, climbers, runners, surfers, skateboarders, yogis, and athletes of any kind can experience water balance, stabilized electrolytes, and a refreshed and balanced body - without ingesting any extra sugar through sports drinks or powders. Endurolete is the alternative advantage and hydration strategy for those who push their bodies to the next level.

Military Soldiers






Athletic Performance Impacted by Hydration

Athletes have long known the struggles of performance and health dangers that come from lack of hydration including cardiovascular stress, heat illness, and reduced performance capabilities. While athletes have traditionally combated dehydration by drinking sports drinks and water in excess, this can actually reduce sodium levels, leading to lower muscle performance and lower endurance.

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